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Testing & Approvals

Accredited and non-accredited testing at our test labs in Hvidovre and Struer

  • Get electronics tested at short notice
  • Get approved for products requiring rigorous testing
  • Obtain Globally accepted Accredited reports

EKTOS Testing & Reliability Services A/S (TRS) offers professional typetesting, certification, and approval services, with an in-depth understanding of industry regulations and standards.

Our lab tests demonstrate compliance with the European EMC Directive, FCC regulations for North America, VCCI rules for Japan, and 80 other countries.

EKTOS owns two state-accredited EMC, Radio, Climatic, Vibration, and Electrical Safety testing laboratories in Denmark.

Our engineers simplify the complex world of EMC radio compliance for customers. They meticulously evaluate devices based on regulatory requirements and industry standards to ensure that customers’ devices communicate flawlessly and operate smoothly without interference.

Our test team performs comprehensive SRD, NFC, BLE, 3GPP, LpWAN testing services to guarantee seamless performance, compatibility, and compliance for devices with wireless technology.

EKTOS can guide you through the complex and cumbersome process of international electrical safety approvals like CB-scheme, UL/CSA, and ETL marking.

With a proven track record of successful cases, EKTOS can help you achieve your approval in a cost-effective and timely manner.

When you need to comply with EU DoC requirements or file a report package for UL/ETL/CSA marking in North America, EKTOS is your reliable partner.


We can help your organization get certifications and approvals from agencies like marine administrations, Underwriter's Laboratories, CSA, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, and more.


TRS EKTOS ensure FLONIDAN's Smart Gas Meters comply with Quality and safety standards
With EKTOS providing two test engineers we can perform tests in two test chambers simultaneously. This means we can do a full ECM and radio test of a new product in three days. That is quick.”
Bo Friis Hansen, Hardware Engineer at FLONIDAN
Henrik Brosbøl
Managing Director TRS
+45 3114 0428 hbr@ektos.net
Niels Martin Jørgensen
Managing Director
+45 7070 1499 nmj@ektos.net


Our set up allows us to get your products tested and approved at short notice and at a competitive price.


    What standards and regulations govern electronics testing and approval?

    It depends on the product and the country. Please call to provide specific information about your product and country of interest for more information.

    How long does it typically take to complete electronics testing and obtain approval?

    It depends on the product, the included module, the type of interface, and the length. A normal EMC project will take 2-3 weeks for testing and reporting.

    What happens if a product fails the initial testing phase?

    We stop testing and immediately contact the customer to discuss the next steps, which could involve modifications or continuing with the testing.

    Can you assist me with preparing the necessary documentation for product approval?

    We can provide some assistance, but ultimately, the responsibility lies with the owner.

    What types of testing and certification services do you offer?

    We offer EMC, Radio, Environmental, and Safety testing. Our list of tests is continually growing, so please ask us to confirm if we can perform a specific test. See our list of tests here.

    How experienced is your team in conducting electronics testing and certification?

    Our testing department was founded in 2007 and comprises a team of test engineers with years of experience dating back to the 1980s.

    What industries do you serve, and what types of electronic products do you specialize in testing?

    We test electronic products for most industries. Please provide specific information about your product; we will gladly help.

    What is the cost associated with your testing and certification services?

    The cost depends on the product type and specifications. However, we provide a quote before commencing any test.


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