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EMC Testing

Ensure your products function properly next to other electronic equipments

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EMC stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility. It refers to the ability of electronic devices, systems, and equipment to function properly in their intended electromagnetic environment without causing or experiencing interference. EMC encompasses the control and mitigation of electromagnetic emissions from devices, as well as their susceptibility to external electromagnetic disturbances.

EMC standards and testing procedures are employed to assess and verify the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic products.

Henrik Brosbøl
Managing Director, TRS
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EMC is crucial in ensuring that various electronic devices can coexist and operate without interference or degradation in performance. To successfully bring an electronic product to market, it is essential to demonstrate compliance with the EMC standards and requirements specific to the target market. This verification ensures that the product meets the necessary electromagnetic compatibility standards for the intended sales market and region.

EMC is also an integral part of the development process, often requiring multiple iterative tests during the development phase to ensure compliance with specific directives. This approach also leads to cost savings.


Our DANAK-accredited testing laboratories in Hvidovre and Struer, Denmark, specialize in EMC compliance testing and certification. We are authorized to assess products for conformity with the European EMC Directive and other international standards, including FCC (North American) and VCCI (Japanese) regulations.

The tests are performed in fully equipped test laboratories with advanced EMC test equipment. Most test procedures are fully automated, ensuring fast, repeatable and reliable test results.

We have facilities for wireless and RF testing of products and systems such as Bluetooth, GSM, CDMA etc. Additionally, we specialize in conducting precise 3D antenna pattern measurements.

In addition to offering pre-compliance testing, some of the basic EMC standards we can test are

  • Radiated emissions and immunity
  • Conducted emissions and immunity
  • Fast transients and surges
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Mains harmonics, voltage dips, and interruptions

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